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Custom beaded jewelry by Zoya Gutina


About me


Zoya In my early years, I was graduated with a major of performing arts, from the school of Cultural Enlightenment in Leningrad, and later, from a medical school in Rostov-on-the-Don. At the present time, I live in the USA, in New York, and work in the medical profession.

During my childhood, my mother taught me to sew and knit, both with hooks and needles. Later I mastered macrame. I really took to needlework, and have continued in its pursuit in all of its variants during all of my life. Very many different categories of objects have been produced for my children, my family, my good friends, and myself. Blouses, sweaters, dresses, suits, caps, socks, purses, tablecloths, collars, napkins, hats, slippers, scarves, coats. My work had even been shown at exhibitions at very varied locations throughout the USSR.

Also, during my childhood, I became familiar with beadwork. At that time I was studying ballet, and needed a dress for practicing. A dress was sewn for me. However, I decided to decorate it, and sewed a gentle beadwork flower onto my chest. The beads were a transparent yellow color, very pale, and the dress was of a cream-colored material. At that time I felt is was an appropriate combination, and I was right. It looked very pretty.

About three years ago, I became acquainted with a woman in an Internet chat room, who was from Rostov-on-Don, the city from which I came to the United States. We became fast friends. She is Tanya Ganzha, a wonderful and kind person. Later, we met face-to-face, and she presented me with a gift of several decorative bead artifacts, which she had executed with her experienced hands. I liked these items very much, and asked her if she could teach me to also make such pretty items.

Upon returning from Russia, I scurried around, trying to acquire everything about beadwork, but it turned out that no books were available in the Russian language. At that point I started to experiment by myself, with beads of a whole range of various dimensions. The experimentation started to bear fruit, but I still was obsessed, and started to search the Internet for bead information. So it was, that I found Biserland, a site devoted to beadwork. Here I undertook my first serious efforts. I am much indebted to the site, and to Anel', the site supervisor, who gave me my first lessons. There I participated in my first bead-weaving competition. Currently, I have moved to another beadwork site, Biserinka, where I continue participating in competitions. Eventually, I hope to organize my own beadwork exhibition, but for now, I have only started to sell my handicrafts. People like my decorative artwork. Some come and buy, others come just to view and enjoy. It gives me a good feeling of encouragement, that my artifacts are desired and appreciated.

I have been invited to participate in selling my handicrafts at an art flea market in Manhattan. It's a fascinating place. There people exhibit and sell any handiwork that they had created themselves - paintings, ceramics, decorative arts, and much more. Inspirations for my designs come to me night and day. At night, when I close my eyes, fantastic colors and forms of my future efforts appear before me. Often, I cannot even find beads of those colors. During the day, images appear when I see flowering trees outside, or just flowers in the spring; during the winter, geometric frozen shapes; and then, both during sunrise and sunset.

I am thankful to my husband, who helps me with the technical aspects of my work. Together, we photograph the handiworks; choose the background for the artifacts, etc. However, anything having to do with the computer is in his hands. Please come and visit our common web site at

Please visit my new web-site!

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